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About Us

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Jojos Adventure BHUTAN specializes in media and travelers with special interests. Till date, we have successfully helped produce many high quality documentaries and magazines on this jewel in the Himalayas.  So far we have worked with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 60 minutes, BS Asahi television.

In the print media we have helped Japanese publishing houses such as Kodansha, Seven Seas, Mt. Kailash, Kateigaho, Marie Claire and FRaRU magazines. We have had the privilege to co-ordinate works of many great scholars of world reputation such as Suchi Yoshida, Toshie Tanaka and Tony Grey.
In addition to journalists we have handled many curious minds. Most of our guests are people interested in not only seeing a different country but also interested in improving their spiritual lives. Our guests compromising of CEOs, celebrities, former Prime Ministers, top politicians, lawyers, TV host shows have returned home understanding themselves better. Most of them have learnt to balance work and life.

Our motto at Jojos is, “Don’ tell, experience it. “ So travel with us and get an insight into our country and embark on your own inner journey.

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