Managing Director

Tshering Tashi


  • Managing Director - Jojos Adventure Bhutan
  • Board of trustees for Royal Society for Protection of Nature. www.
  • Director- Australia Bhutan Friendship Association
  • Secretary General- Bhutan Hokkaido Friendship Association


  • Co-Author of Bold Bhutan Beckons
  • Author of Mysteries of the Raven Crown, Legacy of Raja Ugyen Dorji


Tshering Tashi one of the recipient of Druk Yugyel Medal, the highest medal of Honor in Bhutan The medal was awarded by His Majesty the King of Bhutan on December 17 th 2004.


“At a time when Bhutan was facing a very serious threat to its security and sovereignty from the continued presence of the armed militant groups, with all peaceful efforts to persuade the militants to leave having failed to yield any results, and there being no option left except to remove the militants from Bhutanese territory through military action, as decided by the National Assembly after repeated deliberations of the issue in successive sessions, and a group of patriotic young men and women from all walks of life, including the old militia officers who have volunteered and served from the year 1990 the TSA-WA-SUM and defend the Palden Drukpa at a most critical period in the nation’s history. In recognition of the outstanding dedication, loyalty and commitment displayed by these true sons and daughters of the Palden Drukpa, the Druk Yugyel Medal is hereby awarded collectively to the militia volunteers who came forward and served their nation in its hour of need.”

Tshering Tashi

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