Getting Ready to Visit Bhutan

Some noteworthy Books & Movies to check out before your visit.

  • Travellers & Magicians

    The first internationally released movie shot in Bhutan. By the director of "The Cup", His Holiness Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche. It was screened in Sydney in 2004.


  • Baby in the back pack in Bhutan by Bunty Avieson


Government Policy & Tariff


Getting Ready to Visit




  • Bhutan - Dragon Kingdom, Foreign Correspondent

Bhutan-Dragon Kingdom, Foreign Correspondent, Australia Broadcasting Corporation, Series 14, Episode 27

  • Beyond the Sky and the Earth

Excellent book by Jamie Zeppa, based the time she spent as a volunteer teacher in eastern Bhutan.

Bhutan the last Shangri-La

Excellent documentary about the country, its environment and culture. Living Edens Series by PBS and Reader's Digest.

A River Somewhere

Following on from the highly successful first release, “ A River Somewhere 2” continues Rob Stich and Tom Gleisner’s quest for adventure and travel as they cast off around the globe in this light-hearted journey to some of the most beautiful waters in the world.

From wild Himalayan trout in the tiny kingdom of Bhutan to brightly colored coral trout on the Great Barrier Reef, Tom and Rob crosses the globe to catch and cook their dinner over seven half hour episodes.

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