National Symbols

National Flag

The national flag is rectangular with a white dragon stretched across a two-color diagonal. The upper part of the flag is golden yellow, symbolizing the secular power of the monarchy. The lower half is orange, representing the state religion, Mahayana Buddhism. The white in the dragon stands for purity while the jewels clasped within its claws convey the wealth and perfection of the nation.

National Flower

The national flower is the Blue Poppy (Meconopsis grandis), which grows in sheer beauty and abundance on the slopes of the alpine region, Bhutan is a land of beautiful flowers, orchids and medicinal herbs.

National Tree

The national tree is the Cypress (Cupressus torolusa). The tree is held in great reverence, and the ground upon which it stands is considered sacred. The Bhutanese identify with the cypress because of its straight structure, sturdy nature and its ability to inhospitable terrain.

National Bird

The national bird is the Raven. It represents the most powerful guardian deities of the nation. So great is the significance of the raven that it is depicted atop the crown of the monarchy.

National Animal

The national animal is the Takin, a rare bovid mammal of the ovine capine family, unique only to Bhutan. Bearing mixed features of horse, goat and cow, the Takin is found at altitudes of 4,000metres. It weighs about 250 kilograms and subsists on bamboo. The Takin can be seen at the Tourism Authority of Bhutan zoo Motithang, Thimphu.

National Day

The national day of Bhutan falls on the 17th of December, Commemorating the ascension to the throne of the first king of Bhutan, Sir Ugyen Wangchuck. King Ugyen Wangchuck unified a country that was divided into several fiefdoms, and was unanimously crowned at the Punakha Dzong in 1907.


National Symbols








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