Gross National Happiness

Gross National Happiness is our central development concept. The starting point for the concept is that happiness is the ultimate desire of all human beings and that all else is a means for achieving happiness. The concept of Gross National Happiness should be seen in terms of a process that seeks to maximize happiness rather than economic growth. Gross National Product to which so much importance is attached by others, is a very imperfect measure of progress and development. The concept of Gross National Happiness compels us to reject or question many of the traditional indicators of development. Gross National Happiness does not regard economic growth as being unimportant, on the contrary, its an important means for achieving higher ends. (Bhutan 2020)

Gross National Happiness in Australia

The Courier Mail list Bhutan as the Hot Asian Destination. (December 31, 2005, January 1, 2006 Page 13)
This landlocked Himalayan kingdom understands the fragile nature of its beauty which is why it has controlled tourism policy-no more than 900o visitors allowed per year. Bordered by Tibet and India Bhutan is a country of mountain monasteries, rivers valley and smiling villagers. Most visitors trek the mountain, raft the valleys and enjoy a country where the gross national profit seemingly is measured in happiness and not in dollars.

Why Bhutan?

An Unconquered Land

A Rich Culture

Gross National Happiness

A Spiritual Nation

A Natural Paradise

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